Breville Control Grip Models I Wanted To Buy

1 September 2014 | Comments Off | Kitchen Master

Have you check out the Breville immersion blender lately? If you haven’t, you really should because Breville has line ups of best immersion blender reviews that you would not want to miss reading. The brand Breville has been in the market for several years now and it has various types of utility machines for your kitchen. You can find a lot of Breville products being named or awarded in the best espresso makers, best toaster ovens, best rice cookers, and best juicers category or industry.

But today, I’ll be talking about models of immersion blender from Breville. By the end of this review, you will probably want to get these fantastic immersion blenders from Breville. Now before we go ahead any further, the Breville Immersion blender has two types of Control Grip model, a lower end model and a higher end model.

First, let’s start off with the model BSB400XL, the Control Grip. The BSB400XL is a lower end model and it isn’t as expensive as the other higher end model. The BSB400XL retails at $69.99 and can be purchased online or at your nearest local store.

The amazing thing about this Immersion blender is that it has variable speed settings. You can either choose to use it on a low speed setting or a higher speed setting to obtain precise and excellent blending performance. This model comes with a blending jug and a chopping bowl as well.

The blending jug is about 1.25 litres which comes to a 42 ounce in measurement. It’s a large jug that has a dual purpose storage lid and an anti-slip mat as well. The jug is suitable for blending, storing and even measuring ingredients and food. It runs on a 280 watt powered motor and is strong enough to blend hard chunk of fruits, potatoes and etc.

The blades are also sharp enough to crush ice. Also, the base of this blender has a non-scratch bas so your pots and pans won’t have any scratch marks on it. It comes with a 1 year warranty plan.

The BSB510XL is a higher end model of the Control Grip series and it is a little more expensive than the previous model. This immersion blender retails at $99.99. It has more features than the previous one as well and it only comes in one colour which is black.

The included accessories for this particular model are a chopping bowl, blending jug and a whisk attachment. It is more versatile than the previous model and the jug capacity is 42 ounces. The jug has an anti-slip mat and a dual storage lid feature as well. The chopping bowl can hold about 25 ounce of ingredients which is roughly about 3 cups in measurement.

The BSB510XL runs on a 120 watt powered motor and can crush ice, frozen meat and many more. With the whisk attachment, it makes baking easier as well. It also comes with a year of warranty.

So there you have it, the Breville immersion blender. I tested out both of them before writing this review and in my own opinion, the second one does a better job than the first because it’s more powerful and stronger. Also, the designs on it are unique. Overall, it does an amazing job! Besides that, if you are thinking of buying a juicer too, then Breville juicer is great! I haven’t got the time to write some reviews about Breville juice fountain plus juicer that I just got, but I think it’s worth considering if you are looking for a new juicer.